The Fire & Vine Hospitality spirits syndicate is always looking for something truly special to bring to our guests. Our custom barrel program has become a fun addition to all of our restaurant menus starting in 2015 with our first custom barrel in collaboration with Jim Beam and a Single Barrel of Knob Creek Rye. Since then, we have offered custom barrels from Marker’s Mark, Blanton’s, Woodford, Four Roses, Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon and Weller 107 Antique, all from Kentucky.

This time, our spirits team decided to go local, and we are fortunate to have an award-winning, small batch distillery in our back yard. Woodinville Whiskey thankfully agreed to help us create our first ever Revelers Club branded barrel.

Woodinville Whiskey’s story is still unfolding, but has already won many accolades, including “Craft Whiskey of the Year” and “Craft Rye Whiskey of the Year” by the American Distilling Institute. Established in 2010, this young company has steadily grown in sales and notoriety, making their mark on the world stage. The owners leaned into expert guidance from the beginning, by consulting with Dave Pickerell, who served as Maker’s Mark Master Distiller for 14 years. Last year, the company produced 10,000 cases of whiskey, and this year they plan to triple that number and take their products nationally – all still hand-crafted from their existing space in Woodinville. It’s hard to imagine how they can triple production in their existing building, but plans for construction have begun, by popping through the upper floor of their production room to accommodate more equipment. “We will never leave here because of the wild microorganisms that only live here in Woodinville and the water source,” says Mike Steine, Senior Distiller. Water, of course, is a crucial ingredient to whiskey, which for Woodinville, is supplied by the Tolt River.

Grains and corn are other key ingredients to whiskey, and Woodinville Whiskey works exclusively with the Omlin family farm in Quincy, WA. Their malted barley, corn and rye are non-GMO, and are brought back to the distillery where it’s mashed, milled and distilled almost entirely by hand.

With six different barrels to choose from, the Fire & Vine spirits team got straight to work sniffing and tasting to find their next barrel (at 10am no less!). Two samples stood out to the team right away, and in less than 10 minutes, #1393 was deemed the winner: Revelers Club barrel volume 1. At 120.2 proof, this whiskey starts with clove on the front of the palette, crème brulee in the middle, and a candied sweet cherry to finish. Golden Delicious apple and star anise were also noticed.

The team agreed that this will be a terrific whiskey to serve neat, on the rocks, or in one of our specialty cocktails. With delivery expected the first week of June, each Fire & Vine Hospitality location will serve this custom barrel while it’s available. Come in to whet your whistle with this inaugural Revelers Club selection.