Chateau Ste. Michelle, Eroica, Marchesi Antinori, Tenet & Col Solare

From the visionary vineyards of Chateau Ste. Michelle, a Washington-based powerhouse, our menu unfurls a tapestry of globally-infused wines. Harmonizing with esteemed international wineries, it crafts wine symphonies that transcend borders.

Eroica, a product of a sublime collaboration with Germany’s Dr. Loosen estate, weaves together the bold intensity of Washington with German finesse to create a Riesling of unparalleled distinction. Tenet Wines, borne from the kinship between Rhône luminaries Michel Gassier, Philippe Cambie, and Chateau Ste. Michelle, encapsulates the untamed potential of Columbia Valley’s Syrah and Rhône varietals.

Col Solare, a sun-kissed partnership with Tuscany’s illustrious Marchesi Antinori, yields an ultra-luxury Cabernet Sauvignon, a radiant testament to the symbiotic union of two distinct winemaking cultures.

Antinori Guado al Tasso Vermentino 2022 | 15/20/58
Eroica Riesling 2022 | 14/18/54
Tenet “The Pundit” Syrah 2020 | -/-/60
Tenet Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre 2016 | -/-/158
Col Solare Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 | -/-/155
Chateau Ste. Michelle “Artist Series” Red Blend 2018 | -/-/132

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